Escape room "The Da Vinci Code"

Company: The Great Escape Canada

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
416 530-5858 165 Geary Avenue Toronto, ON M6H 2B8
Sophie Neveu's Grandfather Jacques Sauniere has been murdered at the Louvre. He has given you a key (The Fleur de Lis), and you and your team have been intrusted to find the famous "Holy Grail". In order to complete this quest, your team must ultimately find the cryptex and unlock it using the secret code! Our finest game to date, 'The Da Vinci Code: Quest for the Cryptex' is an adventure that will promise you and your team a thrilling experience with all new puzzles, tasks, and mysteries. We invite you to take the ultimate challenge and beat Da Vinci and his secret code in one hour!!!

Reviews of escape game "The Da Vinci Code"

  • What do you do when you take an impromptu trip to Toronto? An escape room of course! I have heard of these previously and have always wanted to try one so why not do something new on vacation? If you ever enjoyed playing games like clue as a kid you will love this attraction. It really feels and plays like a lifelike board game, but instead of playing against your friends you have to learn how to work together to find your way out. My friends and I took on "The Da Vinci Code" game, which was explained to us by their very friendly staff as being the hardest game at the time. They also explained that they actually put in a lot of research before creating these games and will change them up from time to time. The game actually ended up being a bit more difficult than we thought it would be and I highly recommend bringing plenty of smart friends with you as the two friends I was with were not able to get us out of the rooms in time. We had a lot of fun though and time flew by extremely fast trying to figure out all the clues. Give it a try(I plan on doing more of these now), I'm sure you won't be disappointed! Visited August 2015

    Curtis S

  • It was a refreshing change from the ordinary attractions offered in Toronto. My friends and I arrived with few expectations and left with a memorable experience. We were placed into the Da Vinci scenario. The game had a lot of thought put into it, along with attention to detail of the room itself. This particular scenario is challenging enough to have fun and be able to finish within the hour deadline (Although we did not finish in time). The management is helpful and dedicated, which is shown through good service and thought provoking obstacles. I highly recommend this game to anyone in the Toronto area. Visited August 2015

    Eric B

  • Was in town visiting and came across this place. Staff was extremely helpful, was able to get my group into their "Da Vinci Code" themed game. The game itself was extremely challenging and fun. The group I was with had never done one of these before, so it took a couple minutes for them to get into the rhythm, but once we did the clues started to piece together. The intricate details of this game were amazing, you can tell the owners love what they do and put their hearts into it. My group finished in just about 70 minutes (no one was behind us so they let us finish) with just a little help from the game manager. It was a great experience and I hope to return on my next visit to try one of their other escapes. Visited August 2015