Escape room "Framed"

Company: riddle room

50 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  579 Yonge Street (2nd Floor) Toronto, ON, Canada

Your friend was a cop. A damn good cop. He called in a panic yesterday about someone he was following, and now he’s dead. What’s worse, people think you killed him. Now you’re in prison and you need to get out. You need to prove your innocence. You need to find out who the real murderer is.

Reviews on escape game "Framed"

  • I absolutely LOVED my time at Riddle Room! I love how they incorporated the games with the escape rooms. You can play some games while you wait for your escape room to be set up. They have a variety of games from checkers to Connect Four to scrabble to anime to different game systems. I even saw some games for little kids there. Since, I was there for a few hours, I had a panini and played some board games while I waited, and it was rather good. They played great music as well. I can't remember which escape room we did, but it was fun! The young man who led us to the room did a great job explaining it. He and the other staff were very helpful. They gave us a walkie-talkie to use in case we needed them to come in and provide any clues. It was our first time ever doing an escape room and needless to say we definitely needed more than the 50 minutes allotted. LOL I don't think there was another group set up to play after our 10PM game time because they let us continue until the end. Next time I'm in Toronto, I'll definitely be sure to check out Riddle Room again and do another escape room. It was great to work with my boo to see how we could work together to see how we could figure out the room together! Visited January 2016

    Chantal J

  • We had a large group about 12 people and they were able to accommodate us even with a packed house! The place is half a board game cafe and half an escape room experience. They currently have four rooms going at various difficulty levels. At the cafe we ordered snacks for everyone to share and some drinks. The Japanese popcorn is so addictive we ordered it 6 times! I ordered a pizza panini for myself and it was very good. It was loaded with pizza filling and the spicy mayo that came along with it for dipping was good complement. To drink I had the espresso milkshake which I think was one of the best milkshakes I've had. That, and I love espresso. A friend had the matcha latte and said it was better than Starbucks and Aroma. The barista was really great making art on the lattes. For dinner we went to a near by bar and we actually came back to Riddleroom to try their escape rooms and video games. Half of my group did the escape room "static" (and escaped!) and the rest played smash brothers on the WiiU at one of the booths with a TV screen. That's another thing, some booths have screens so that you can rent out a game console and play with a small group rather than wait to play on the main big screen! I'm looking forward to coming back again, even if just for a latte. Visited January 2016

    Tiffany N