Escape room "The Office"

Company: Improbable Escapes

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
+1 343-333-3463 298 Bagot Street Kingston, ON K7K 3B4
Your boss has called you into his office, tells you to sit tight, and locks the door behind you. You have been set up as a patsy for his crime. The police are on their way. What did your boss do? Will you be able to prove your innocence and escape his office before the police arrive?

Reviews of escape game "The Office"

  • Myself, husband, 21yr old daughter and 19yr old son had the awesome opportunity to check this out today. We are quite familiar with and live about an hour from Kingston and wanted to take the day to celebrate my husbands birthday early while our son was still home from college. We'd already decided where to what to do for an activity first? I am soooo glad I found this under the list of things to do in Kingston! From my initial phone call, Graham was so helpful! It's everything the other Trip Advisor reviews say :) . We did The Office. So well laid out. Genius. it seems abit mind boggling but that's its' premise and that's the fun. you have to work together and figure out clues that are right in front of you but, if you do seem to be struggling abit too long, they do give you a little tidbit of an additional clue that's just enough to help you figure out what was already right in front of you. We didn't get out in the 60 minutes but we were sooooo close! lol But that's OK only 24% of people had made it out within 60 mins so we're in the higher percentile! The kids had already started talking about when we'd be able to go back and check out the other escape room before we got back to our car:) A great time for all sorts of groups of people and all ages. Thank you!!


  • my daughter (15 yrs) and I had the very best time! thank you improbable escapes - great staff, and the clues along the way were never "too" easy and always appropriate to keep the fun going in case they noticed we were in a jam. a real challenge - we made it with 36 seconds left, and even if they say that to all the kids, you made us feel special! 5 stars