Escape game Mad Scientist Lab

Company: A/Maze Montreal

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5.0 / 5

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3550 St Jacques St, Montreal, QC H4C 1H2, Canada ()

+1 514-303-1616

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Professor Stroganoff is a world renown inventor. His works have influenced the perception of universe and human existence. Working with the government, the army and many of the great minds, he has risen to the same level of respect as Einstein and Tesla. However, regardless of his genius status, professor Stroganoff was an odd individual. He could remember pi decimals to the 20th decimal, but he would forget where he had put his keys. He could solve any scientific formula, but would not be able to make himself a simple omelet. Everything changed once he met her. He became a changed man, the happiest man you could possibly think of. She cherished him, and he felt as if he were on cloud nine. A simple mention of her name could make the professor forget everything and run to her. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long. One day, the professor became a ghost from society; he stopped seeing his friends, began to miss work, abandoned many projects he worked on for years until disappearing completely. As for her, she vanished along with him. You are a team of military specialists hired by a private firm (who desired to remain anonymous) . Your goal is to inquire into professor Stroganoff’s disappearance since he has been working on several projects that your employers don’t want to see falling into the hands of their competitors. You come across an old warehouse off the grid where the professor was spotted on several occasions. Rumor had it that Stroganoff built himself a secret lab somewhere in the city, so you decide to investigate if this abandoned property can lead you one step closer to the vanished scientist.