Escape game Candy Factory

Company: EXIT Canada


31726 S Fraser Way Unit A Abbotsford, BC V2T 1T9 ()


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After the news surprises your entire family, you learn that you have an old estranged uncle, “Mr. Wonder,” who has unfortunately been given a very short amount of time to live.

Fortunately, he is the owner of the world’s largest Candy Factory and distribution center, making him one of the richest candy scientists in the world. After exiling himself from the family to keep his formulas and recipes a secret from the public, he now cannot decide who he should leave his enormous candy fortune to.

As a member of his extended family, you now have the opportunity to compete to win the ultimate prize: the entire factory and every location of “Mr. Wonder’s” candy store.

Do you have what it takes to challenge Mr. Wonder himself and make it out without a hard candy coating?

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