Escape game The Morgue

Company: Fazed


2388 Fairview St. Burlington, ON. L7R 2E4 ()


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It's the late 1990's. The Pathologist has gone missing. You and your fellow Detectives have been called in to investigate her disappearance. But something evil is preventing you from leaving. Can you and your fellow Detectives finish your investigation and make it out before evil consumes you?


If you are unsure of what stage to choose you can always change it and discuss it right before your game starts. All Stages are have the exact same puzzles and difficulty level. The only thing that changes is the atmosphere of the room itself.

Stage 1- Lights On (no jump scares)

Stage 2- Lights Off, Flashlights (no jump scares/live actors)

Stage 3- Lights Off, Flashlights (jump scares and more)

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