Escape game The Ark

Company: Breakout Edmonton

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4.7 / 5

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6111 101 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T6A 0G9 ()


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In the year 2085, the Earth became increasingly uninhabitable due to global warming; natural disasters reached catastrophic levels. Man-kinds turned to space to escape from its decaying cradle. First major settlements began on the Moon, but they soon reached their maximum capacities. A series of space colonies were built to progressively reach outward into space.

After decades long of segregations between the colonists, tension runs high between different factions. Soon mistrust turns into fear, and anger manifests into violence. Acts of sabotage occurs on multiple colonies. A terrorist group has infiltrated the space station “The Ark” and incapacitated the station’s energy generator in an attempt to destroy the entire colony. More than 100,000 souls on board the colony are at jeopardy.

It is up to you to restore the generator and save everyone.

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