VR Prince of Persia: Dagger of Time VR

Company: Game OVR


12930 St Albert Trail NW Edmonton, AB T5L 4H6 ()


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Our newest and most difficult escape room! Prince of Persia: The Dagger Of Time is a Virtual Reality Escape Game set in the world of Prince of Persia which enables you to experience time control. You will be able to experience something impossible in real life: to slow, stop or even rewind time! In the game, two, three or four players team up to find a way out of a reimagined Fortress of Time and defeat the evil Magi. To have any chance of making it through the Fortress of Time, you will need creativity and teamwork, but should you manage to complete it you will have the ultimate bragging rights! Nobody has completed this escape room at Game OVR yet: will you be the first?

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