Escape game Learn to Love the Bomb

Company: Mind Hack Room Escape

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1410 Hammonds Plains Rd, Hammonds Plains, NS B4B 1P6 ()


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Mind Hack Room Escape

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You are a team of elite secret agents who have been tasked with bringing the traitorous Victor Krauss to justice. Krauss, once a member of our organization, was discovered to be a mole. His intent was to obtain and sell our allies national security secrets to our enemies. Krauss narrowly evaded capture and has not been seen for several months.

Our intelligence has turned up information that Krauss has been using an abandoned bunker as his base of operations. It's suspected that he has created a "doomsday" device that he plans to unleash upon the free world. It's now up to you to infiltrate the bunker, disarm the security system, and diffuse the bomb. Have you got what it takes to save the world?

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