Escape game Railroaded[Closed]

Company: Mind Hack Room Escape

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William B. Garfield had worked as a stoker for the railroad his entire life; that is until the summer of 1939. The threat of the upcoming war destabilized the markets, and the company decided to let William go penniless.

He couldn't let that happen to his family. In June of 1939, while the train police were busy with details of the Royal Visit, William Garfield pulled off the most amazing… and yet unreported, train heist known to date. He acquired illegal gains on the way to a benefactor. He has stashed everything in his safe house and later died in a shootout.

You are modern day treasure hunters. You have stumbled across information leading to William’s safe house. You're planning to get in and locate the stash. The benefactor’s grandson is hot on your trail. It's best that you get out of the safe house before he gets there. Treasure or no treasure.

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