Escape game Home Sweet Home[Closed]

Company: Rubix Studios


101-1119 Fennell Ave E Hamilton, ON L8T 1S2 ()


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You couldn't believe it when the real estate agent called you, you got the house. You thought for sure you would be outbidded, oddly enough you were the only one that bid. Moving to this small town wasn't such a bad idea you thought to yourself. All ready to start your next book you look forward to the change in scenery from the big city. Hopefully this will motivate your creativity. You always dreamed of moving out of the city and now you have the perfect little house, on the mature street in the cutest town in Ontario. Lucky for you the house comes completely furnished, sure you have some minor decorating to do, but apparently the house was built by a young family who no longer LIVES there.

You are looking forward to your first night at the new house, you pull up into the driveway.. As you get out of your car the neighbour walks over and hands you a crucifix and bible. Thank you? What else can you say, without a word the neighbour're alone at the erie feeling comes over you… are you sure you want to go in?

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