Escape game Granny's Gold - Guardians of the Gold[Closed]

Company: The Crux


847 Upper James St Hamilton, ON L9C 3A3 ()


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Oh no! ...Granny's in trouble. While she is away some no-good dirty rotten scoundrels are going to try to steal her gold. This is your chance to be a hero and be Granny's "Guardians of the Gold".


This is a Battle Room. The Battle for Granny's Gold features two adjoining rooms separated by a door. The "Guardians of the Gold" are on one side trying to save Granny's gold. On the other side are a "Bunch of Bandits" trying to swipe Granny's gold. The teams race against the clock and each other to get to Granny's gold first in an experience you'll never forget!

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