Escape game The Old Dublin House

Company: Sherlock's Escapes


298 Bagot St Kingston, ON K7K 3B4 ()


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At long last, you’ve received a call– an active case! You and your team of top investigators will need to head over to the Old Dublin House and follow up on the mysterious message you received on the Agency’s telephone. Whatever happened to the Dublin family? Who is the mysterious old man Sylas? What dark secrets could be lurking in the abandoned mansion? And once you enter the house, will you ever see the light of day again? About the Experience This experience is virtual. Join our room host in an online call, and allow them to immerse you in a virtual escape room. Multiple households can join the same call so you can play together! Plays like a normal escape room, and is scheduled for 70 minutes to allow for adjusting to the virtual world.

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