Escape game The Haunted Mansion

Company: Mystery Escape Rooms

Average Rating:

3.8 / 5

4 reviews


551 Waterloo Street London, Ontario ()

+1 519-601-8989

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You and your friends decide to do a little urban exploration – heading to an old, abandoned estate that has been largely empty since the 1980s. Knowing that it’s going to be torn down in a few weeks, you join your friends to check it out, despite the tales surrounding the estate and the mysterious disappearance of its owner. You search for a room where seances supposedly took place sometime around the 1930s – done by a few fraudulent grifters who were exposed in a big scandal of the time. In a true Scooby-Doo-like fashion, you decide to ‘split up’... because you can cover more ground that way, right? Half of your group goes down one dark, eerie passage, while the other half goes down... the other dark, eerie passage. All of a sudden - you hear the doors slam behind you. Both groups seem to be locked in separate rooms. You must have knocked a furnace pipe on your way in, because a mysterious (poisonous?) gas is coming from a vent. You start to get the sense that it isn't the first time someone's been trapped in here, as someone (or something?) seems to have left some clues. Can you work with the other group to find a way out? You figure you've got less than an hour to escape before air runs out and you become another mystery of the Haunted Mansion.