Escape game The Toy Room

Company: Mystery Escape Rooms

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You work in child care, and you're watching over three of your regulars - twin brother and sister, Daniel and Denise, and their younger sister Olivia. Both of the twins are borderline geniuses, but Daniel tends to use his intelligence to play elaborate pranks on you. Your secret nickname for him amongst your friends is ‘Diabolical Daniel’. He's a brat and doesn't seem to like you very much. Denise, on the hand, is quite fond of you and the two of you have managed to bond. However, she's the shy one, while Daniel seems to run the show and drags her along. Your friends stop by to drop off a book for you, and they ask to come in for a minute because they secretly want to meet the genius twins you always talk about. Daniel, however, uses this opportunity to trap you and your friends in their younger sister's toy room. Their parents are coming home in forty-five minutes, and if you're caught trapped with your friends, you're sure to get fired. Daniel has left a lot of complicated puzzles around the room and figures that if you're smart enough to solve them and get out, *maybe* you're worth keeping around to watch him... at least for now. Luckily, Denise knew about Daniel's plan and tried to leave a couple clues in the room without Daniel noticing. Can you figure out Diabolical Daniel's trap before his parents get home?