Escape game Project X[Closed]

Company: Obsidem

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5.0 / 5

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305c-2025 Rue Parthenais Montreal, QC H2K 3T2 ()


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In Project X, you have a mission to accomplish… Channeling your inner spy, you’ll need to use your ingenuity to stay out of sight from patrolling guards, hack custom made electronic security systems, disable cameras, use high-tech gear to look around corners and other cool gadgets to achieve your goals. Prior to the game, your group will be split into two teams (prisoners and extractors), and each given a clear set of objectives and challenges. Your team won’t be aware of the other team’s main mission, but don’t worry, you’ll meet along the way to cooperate. Complete all the missions and objectives to get the highest score possible and earn a place on our online leaderboard! Project X is not an escape game. To succeed, your team will need to adopt a different style of play than what you may have grown accustomed to in traditional escape rooms. Pre-Requisites: Basic knowledge of computers, able to crawl on hands and knees Objectives: Complete all your missions and secondary objectives to earn points