Escape game Steal the Car

Company: A/Maze Montreal


3550 Rue Saint-Jacques Montréal, QC H4C 1H2 ()


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The city is run by criminals and above them all is the Big Vanko. A man as rich as he is fraudulent, he’s not afraid to show his teeth. One of his recent schemes did not go as planned and many have died. Incapable of finding any proof on the mobster, the police accuses you instead.

Having recently escaped from the law, you need a way to prove your innocence. The only way to do so, is to prove that Vanko is the criminal. The problem is, he is a mysterious man. All you know about him is the car he drives…

The doors are locked. If Vanko catches you stealing his car, you will be dead meat. But if you are able to break in before he comes back, you’ll be able to leave with all the proof needed to arrest him.

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