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Company: A/Maze Montreal

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CF Fairview, 6815 Rte Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, H9R 1C4 ()


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A/Maze presents a unique virtual reality experience with Kinescape technology. The platform allows to roam around an infinite virtual space with the same freedom one may experience in everyday life. With the best VR headset available on the market, the Kinescape is the only VR locomotion solution that allows the user a full range of motion.

COBBLESTONE: Your neighborhood has been invaded by zombies. You and your friends trying to find your way to the other part of the city. Get to the next destination alive. Only you have the gun. Only head shots can kill the zombies. Let your friends stand by your side and slow down the zombies so you can all survive this adventure.

AFFECTED - THE MANOR: Since she died, it was reported that she never really left and that once you enter her cell, only she knows how to escape and won’t tell you until you play a little game with her. The only way to communicate with her is to follow her rules and play her game. Her world is a nightmare and her home is a haunted manor. As you make your way deeper in the Manor, it’s up to you and your teammates to find the codes and save your lives but be careful, you are always under her watch.

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