Escape game The Wizard School

Company: Action 500


5592 Rue Hochelaga Montréal, QC H1N 3L7 ()


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Before you graduate from one of the most prestigious wizarding schools in the land, you and your classmates must complete a final inconceivable and dangerous group project: obtain the Heart of the Dragon! According to your charms class, the Heart of the dragon is one of the most powerful items a wizard can possess. Like most magical charms, if put in the wrong hands, The Heart an do many unspeakable acts of evil.

The last known location of The Heart was in the cabin of the vile and infamous Wizard Drathwood. Because he simply will not give just give you The Heart, this quest will not be completed easily, and like most tests it ill be timed.

Can you use your mind and all the powers that you have studied to pass this treacherous trial? Are you ready to fulfill his journey, bring pride to your house, and become one of the most legendary wizards to ever graduate?

Or will you be doomed o repeat your seventh year again?

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