Escape game Mission Impossible: Splinter Cell

Company: EXIT Canada


2-4890 Rutherford Rd Nanaimo, BC V9T 4Z4 ()


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You are a group of Splinter Cells from the Third Echelon, A Black-Ops Sub-Division of the NSA.

A group of Mercenaries have released an ultimatum on America. They have infected the Los Angeles Airport with a series of Biological Bombs, equipped with the smallpox virus.

Intercepting a 911 call from a computer software technician, you are dispatched to the Kalinatek building- an internet service company being used as a front for the terrorist activities of The Mercenaries.

Your mission is to infiltrate the headquarters, retrieve the antidote before they destroy it and get out safely in 1 hour.

Remember…Supress All Video Evidence.

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