Escape game Dead End[Closed]

Company: Mystery Mansion

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews


2120 College Ave Regina, SK S4P 1C5 ()


Right beside Speers Funeral Home

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It is time to face your demons.
Find the last of Joel’s information that is hidden within the house before it is too late. Either you will succeed, or you will be trapped within the Carthien house forever.
There's no turning back now.


This is the fourth and FINAL room of season one, and it CANNOT be attempted if you do NOT HAVE at least two team members that completed our other rooms already.
The medium difficulty is designed for groups to have a challenge, but to ultimately finish the experience. Difficult will give your group an added challenge, and it is less likely that you will succeed. This room makes use of the entire main floor of the building and is designed to be done at night. Daytime options are available for a less spooky experience. There is also a live actor in this experience.

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