Escape game Arabian Nights

Company: BreakOut Escape Rooms


2750 Faithfull Ave #103 Saskatoon, SK S7K 6M6 ()


Corner of 50th and Faithfull

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This is a story about an old lamp, but not just any old lamp. This is a special lamp for a Genie lives within it. There is an evil sorcerer who greatly desires to possess this lamp and its power by ridding it of the Genie within. The evil sorcerer has cast a spell that has imprisoned the Genie of the lamp and trapped you in her place. Now, to free you both, you must help the Genie to reclaim her lamp and in turn she will set you free. Beware! Time is ticking and if you do not escape the lamp soon it will be late to reverse the sorcerer's spell and YOU shall become the new Genie of the lamp!

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