Escape game Kidnapped

Company: BreakOut NL

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

2 reviews


1399 Torbay Rd, Torbay, NL, A1K1A1 ()

(709) 437-1266

Located Next to Mary Brown’s, above Mrs. Liddy’s, using the side entrance

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YOU HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED! YOU FIND YOURSELF HANDCUFFED AND BLINDFOLDED, INSIDE A MAKE-SHIFT JAIL CELL… YOU REALIZE YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER! The Scientist has been murdered after your visit. As one of suspects, you are kidnapped by a criminal organization who is looking for the priceless formula at all cost! The murderer stole the formula and escaped… In order to completely escape from this nightmare, you have to prove your innocence and find the murderer… Can you break out?