Escape game Undead on Duckworth

Company: Escape Quest


156 Duckworth St, St John's, NL A1C 3L9 ()


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It’s been 28 days since the dead rose up against the living. St. John’s has become overrun with zombies. You and a handful of fellow survivors have managed to stay alive, but the future looked bleak– until yesterday. It was on a supply raid at Theatre Pharmacy that you met Chris Redmeadow. Chris had been bitten three days ago, but showed no signs of turning. Chris claimed to have taken a vaccine. For the first time in weeks, you dare to hope again. You and your fellow survivors are about to make the most important raid of your lives! Chris has provided detailed directions to a mysterious laboratory hidden beneath Duckworth Street. Working together, you must decipher the passwords and riddles of this biohazard horror show to protect yourselves from the deadly virus. But securing the vaccine is only part of your problem; the dead have caught your scent, and are gathering outside the lab’s entrance. Can you find another way out before the zombie hoard breaks down the door? Time will tell…