Escape game Syndicate: The Relic Heist

Company: Escape Games

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The Syndicate, a powerful extra-legal organization, has failed to secure a relic of unknown origins. The task has therefore fallen on you; the Syndicate's most elite unit. Steal it, leave no trace, failure is not an option. CRIMINAL MASTERMIND CHALLENGE It’s one thing to break into a museum, it’s another challenge entirely to break into a futuristic museum with state of the art security as part of an elite team of thieves tasked with acquiring an illusive and mysterious relic. If you choose to help the Syndicate, this will be your mission. Within the time limit, your challenge is to get your hands on this rare item and vanish as though you were never there. Prioritize your resources, assign tasks and get the job done! ALL AROUND TEAM EFFORT Syndicate: The Relic Heist is one of the most technologically advanced missions at Escape Games Canada. The mission boasts over 7 kilometers of wiring that keeps the mission running. The game is task oriented and your team will benefit from a variety of skill sets if you want to achieve your objective. Recruit a couple of gymnasts to get into tight corners, someone who is tech-savvy and a communications expert to coordinate your heist. This mission is played for a score, so make sure you pay attention to the mission parameters and work quickly to make your way onto our record board. Only the top 50 scores of all time become immortalized as a record holder.