Escape game Arcade Frenzy

Company: EXIT Canada


309 W Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P8 ()


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Dusk falls as you and your team approach a brightly-lit neon Arcade. The room is buzzing with excitement as groups gather around to play their favourite games. At the end of the row of machines, there is one that catches your eye. The words “NEW” are displayed prominently on the screen, and there is not a single high score to be seen on the machine. You grab a token from your pocket and slide it into the machine. Suddenly, the screen lights up. Various colours and effects flood the screen, your group becomes entranced with the hypnotizing glow. Then, darkness.

Your team awakens to an arcade-themed land, with no sign of an exit. You need to find a way to get out fast before the Arcade shuts down for the night. Who knows what will happen when the machine gets unplugged! Do you have what it takes to escape from Arcade Frenzy?

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