Escape game Jurassic Park Rangers

Company: EXIT Canada


309 W Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P8 ()


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In charge of the wellbeing of park dinosaurs, our group of Park Rangers (Players) are alerted by a mama dino in distress. She leads the Park Rangers to a long defunct lab gate. The lights are on but nobody is around. A security jacket can be seen on the other side of the gate. With no security guard in sight, our Rangers press on further. Discovering information to help understand what is going on here, they manage to make their way into a dinosaur rearing enclosure and find a young dinosaur and a nest also seemingly missing an egg.

Curious to find out what is happening here, the Rangers work to press on further and discover an old Lab that appears to have been brought back into operation. It is here that they uncover a plot by the Park Owners to sell dinosaur eggs to one of their billionaire investors: Ritchie Banks.

After uncovering a container housing a collection of dinosaur eggs, can our Park Rangers identify and return both of our Dino’s missing eggs?

Unfortunately, unlocking the egg container alerts security. As security closes in on the lab, the Rangers only have one option, to find the code unlocking the old evacuation tunnel at the other end of the lab and make a hasty escape. Will they manage to escape in time with the dinosaur’s egg or will security catch them in the act of uncovering the owner’s devious money-making scheme?

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