Escape game Doomed Submarine 3.0

Company: Smarty Pantz

Average Rating:

4.5 / 5

2 reviews


100-289 Abbott St. Vancouver BC, V6B 2K7 ()


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You’ve paid handsomely to be part of the inaugural journey aboard a barely refurbished Soviet submarine. Unfortunately, your useless guide and the drunken crew could not prevent the mechanical failure that has started the clock ticking on your oxygen supply. Can you solve the puzzles and restart the air supply, or with this adventure be terminal?

If you polled the novice crew, or gave a breathalyzer to your wobbly host, you may be afraid. Also, quarters are extremely tight for you and crew and the air is, shall we say, thin. To boot, the Sub is our toughest test, so bring your biggest thinking cap!

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