Escape game Dream’scape

Company: Smarty Pantz

Average Rating:

4.0 / 5

3 reviews


100-289 Abbott St ()

+1 604-974-9293

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Have you ever been trapped in a dream? You will be when you enter Dream’scape. It’s a bizarre and artistic alternate reality where nothing makes sense and you want to wake up but can’t. If you don’t find a way to understand the clues and solve the puzzles, your alarm will never go off! Find a way to solve all of the bizarre puzzles or you’ll be stuck in this twilight zone forever . . . This is one of our toughest challenges and probably the least threatening. While Dream’scape will blow your mind with its psychedelic landscape, there is no imminent danger. The fact that it has the most challenges to be solved means that it provides a significant test.