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TYME CORP has recently detected not just one, but three occurrences of "timeline-tampering" activating a Category Five alert. There is clear evidence that these stolen items have been carefully selected to maximize timeline destruction. The reason why Mr. E wants to destroy this timeline remains unknown but this event could change the present as we know it.

Unfortunately, the whereabouts of these items remains untraceable but a good guess would be that it's been contained in a very high-tech container that blocks their time track signals. The only good news is that the last detected signal was located in his home, which already has a portal after the TYME agents escaped his Bloom Laboratory.

Knowing this, TYME CORP HQ has decided to change the main mission of pursuing Mr. E to acquiring intel on the whereabouts of this high-tech container.

This is a high-stakes operation, and HQ requests to acquire information regarding the container no matter the cost.

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