Escape game Dojo of Triumph

Company: Breakout Edmonton


16604 109 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5P 1C2 ()


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It is the year 1688 in Kyoto, Japan. You have been training under the tutelage of your uncle Hiromata for as long as you can remember. You both have lived like nomads traveling and training in the shadows, along the way you’ve found other drifters that have joined you and become your family. You learn from your uncle the reason behind your extensive life-long training.

When you were young, a part of the village deflected against the nation in an attempt take-over of Japan; their first step was to over throw the king and queen of Kyoto – your parents. They were successful.

Now is the time for you to take back what is rightfully yours, and help restore our village to its peaceful state. You and your comrades must infiltrate the Dojo of Triumph and complete all the tests within its walls. The Dojo of Triumph was created by our forefathers as the traditional test of all our rulers – to see if they are truly worthy to sit on the throne.

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