Escape game Secret Lab 2.0

Company: Breakout Edmonton

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews


16604 109 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5P 1C2 ()


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As special agents of CSF, our sources informed us of a biological weapon hidden within this laboratory. Our sources have pin pointed the virus has been created by Dr. Von Doom, a well-known biological specialist. As you enter into the facility, a sensor is triggered and all windows and doors slam shut. You hear a distant laugh along with this automated message: Countdown begins. 45 minutes until virus is released. The only chance for humankind to survive is to retrieve the cure and to escape the facility.


Secret Lab 2.0 is a fan favorite and family-friendly room, which now has a completely new makeover. The same game play but with a new look and revamped puzzles!

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