Escape game Alien Abduction CE4[Closed]

Company: Captured Escape Rooms

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5.0 / 5

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1649 Barrington St Suite 200 Halifax NS B3J1Z9 ()

+1 902-422-2224

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Recently you have been having dreams about being abducted aboard an alien space ship and the subject of many cruel and unusal experiments. With a jolt, you wake up in a cold sweat and clearly not in your own bed. Looking around you realize you are are in a lab. It appears as though the aliens were trying to make landfall when something went horribly wrong. All evidence indicates that the aliens, in their panic to escape in one of two escape pods, inadvertently teleported you to their ship. You find yourself in a room with others who have experienced the same fate. Someone screams! Instantly you all realise the vessel is in crisis. Unless you figure out how to escape all will be destroyed in earth’s atmosphere. The countdown clock tells you that you have only 45 minutes to locate the pod; you hope that it works.