Escape game The Witch’s House

Company: EXIT Canada


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Your whole life, you’ve been told to stay out of the woods. You grew up surrounded by tales of monsters and witches, rumors of missing children. You wrote them off as stories to keep kids from wandering off, but even still the forest always gave you an uneasy feeling.

Years later you’ve all but forgotten the scary tales of your childhood. That is, until you and your group happens to wander a little too deep one day. You come across a clearing with a small cabin. There’s huge candy all over, and the house looks like it’s supposed to be inviting, but that same uneasy feeling creeps over you. You decide to leave, and head back into the forest. Moments later, you’re walking back into the clearing. You think you must have gotten turned around, so you turn back, only to enter into the clearing yet again.

You realize something has trapped you here. There’s no way out of the clearing. With no other options, you decide to try the house. It looms ominously, looking a lot less inviting than it did a few minutes ago. As you approach, you notice a cage next to the cabin that you didn’t see before. You walk up hesitantly, fear building. You reach the cage and shine your light on it. Inside are human bones.

Do you have what it takes to escape The Witch’s House?

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