Escape game The Museum

Company: EXIT Canada


304-1801 Princeton-Kamloops Hwy Kamloops, BC V2E 2J7 ()


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You are part of an elite team of thieves. You’ve been all over the world, stealing artifacts and precious items from Art Galleries, Museums, Private Collections and more. You’ve now set your eye on a new treasure; A priceless gold cast Ankh once belonging to the Egyptian God, Anubis. The item is about to be put on display, along with many other rare, Egyptian artifacts, at a local museum..

You’ve hacked into the network to disable the buildings security system but you only have an hour before the system reboots. Your mission? Infiltrate the museum through the weakest access point; the employee entrance. Then make your way to the warehouse at the back of the museum to where the Ankh is being kept, swap the real one with a perfect replica, and finally, escape the warehouse, all in under an hour. Think you have what it takes?

Your team breaks in at night in hopes you’ll find a cure for this apocalyptic event. You have one hour before it is too late, will you find the cure?

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