Escape game Inception[Closed]

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Two people, like a fugitive trapped subconsciously in the same dream. In the dream, you see a figure a person inside a television screen, as though they were from a parallel universe, you can see each other but without a clue who the other person is, you feel so close to each other yet so distant, yet you can feel that one day, you will encounter each other in the same universe, at a undefined time and space. There is no denying the spectacular dreams mean something. What is the other person trying to express? What is going on? You are enthralled to understand the dream, to boldly piece together clues about the third universe, your mind feverishly trying to communicate with the other person, an exhilarating dream that feels so real. How can you end this theatrical-like dream and wake up in reality? How can you find the symbolic totems that will awake you from your deep abyss of your subconscious? The time is ticking, you must wake up in time. We are waiting for you, in the real world.

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