Escape game Insomnium

Company: Find the Key

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Dr Morgan's Log:

[,,,] It’s been more than 10 years since subject 11 closed the gateway to the other dimension. We have been trying desperately to find another one like her.

[,,,] Subject 53: From a young age, this orphan girl showed a lot of potential. She seems to instinctively adapt to all our learning tests and absorb all the knowledge she is exposed to like no other before her. Could she be the one?

[,,,] Leaping experiments: We can now confirm that Subject 53 is able to access the other dimension with her mind. She was able to provide valid information from the other world. We will continue the experiments until the final objective: a bi-dimensional gateway.

[,,,] The accident: The last experiment proved to be too much for Subject 53. She spent too much time on the other side. She fell into a deep comma. Her vital signs are low, however she is experiencing intense brain activity, which makes us believe that her mind might be trapped in the other dimension.

[,,,]​ Objective: We will immerse into her mind and try to bring her back. It is a journey nobody ever tried… Do you dare?

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