Escape game Medieval Dungeon

Company: A/Maze Montreal


CF Fairview, 6815 Rte Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, H9R 1C4 ()


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This did not go according to plan. Everything seemed to be fine! Your time-traveling machine worked! Your team and you were able to travel to 13th century London and observe their way of life.

Unfortunately, your democratic values and your strange notion of modern physics have made you a bit of a threat to higher authorities. You were approached by two knights while discussing Newton’s third law with a couple of villagers. You are now locked away in a gloomy dungeon for witchcraft and high treason.

Suddenly, your guards are called away on an emergency. You wondered what happened out there, and then remember the events that occurred in London on July 10th, 1212. You know you only have 45 minutes to get out before you are burned to a crisp by the Great Fire of Southwark!

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