Escape game The City Morgue

Company: Falls Escape


9387 Lundy's Ln, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6S4 ()


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You were looking for a new doctors office and overhear someone mention a Dr. Boris Keborkian. You look it up and find yourself led into what looks like a closed wing of an old building basement. Suddenly the doctors assistant who led you in quickly locks the door in what you realize look more like a mortuary. The location you quickly realize is the abandoned city morgue that was condemned decades ago. It was rumoured to have a lot of paranormal activity but this looks like an active morgue. You get a strong feeling that you must investigate further. You read an old paper on the desk table that states "Dr. Boris Keborkian was caught operating out of the old city morgue on live patients and has never been seen since." Your mission is to discover how to escape from here before the doctor returns to start procedures.

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