Escape game The ByWard Market Butcher

Company: Jigsaw Escape Rooms


12 ByWard Market Square, Unit 2 Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7A1 ()


Right beside Zak’s Diner

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A serial killer is on the loose; “The ByWard Market Butcher” has been abducting his victims for years. With nothing to connect the victims and leaving no evidence behind, the authorities have had no progress in finding this murderer. All they have found is the odd body part around the Market.

You on the other hand, are a bit luckier. You just had a howler of a night in the Byward Market! On your walk home you are all famished and see a sign that says "free steak" at a butchers shop, after following some oddly placed arrows you end up at the basement door.

In your inebriated state, you decide it still to be a great idea for a late night snack and carefully make your way down a flight of stairs. It is then that you realize it will take everything you’ve got to survive this meal.

Nothing in this life is free.

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