Escape game Escape the Ghost Ship

Company: Secret City Adventures


1067 Rue Jacques-Cartier, Gatineau, QC, J8T 2W3 ()

Parking options: 1089 Rue Jacques-Cartier and 1031 Rue des Montgolfières Transit: The Closest bus stop is located at Gréber/Jacques-Cartier Accessibility notes: There is a stairway that leads from the check-in area to the dock where the ship departs from. Non-motorized wheelchairs are able to enter and exit the venue via the boarding ramps. The boarding ramp from dock to ship has a 1.5 inch lip in height which may require assistance navigating over.

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Tonight’s the night you and your crew plan to steal an abandoned ship in the harbour – but no one expects it to be the cursed ghost ship of Barnacle Beth. Join pirate Captain Kelly in our first escape game on the high seas! In order to secure the ship (and your mortal souls), you’ll need to plunder the lost treasure Beth has left behind. Can you escape before the curse claims its next victims?

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