Escape game Haunted Manor

Company: Lockdown


140-2085 50 Ave Red Deer, AB T4R 1Z4 ()


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Your group has been stranded on a dark and stormy night, with no shelter and no where to go. Through the spark of the lightening you spot this old manor on top of the hill in a distance, looks abandoned. As the storm grows in intensity you decide to check it out. You pound on the door, but it swings open. Your group explores the manor slowly and enter a room where the door is proped open by a chair and the fireplace is already lit. You may not be alone? Suddenly a gust of wind comes, knocks over the chair and slams the door to that room. When you check it is locked. While exploring the room you quickly become aware of a dark presence. On the wall is written "when the door shuts it releases the spirit and the only way to open it is to......

Others who escaped before left trails of information.

Will your group figure out how to get out?

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