Escape game Emma's Disappearance

Company: The Hour

Average Rating:

4.5 / 5

2 reviews


4 Queen St. (4th Floor) St Catharines, Ontario ()


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You are a special task force unit that has been called in to investigate a missing person’s case. About a year ago, Dahlia Ward went missing, after a time, her body was found. She had been brutally murdered! We suspected foul play on the part of the police, nothing ever came of our suspicion, so it was case closed. After dealing with such a horrible situation, Dahlia’s sister, Emma Ward, was very upset. She started to hang out with the wrong crowd, trying to fill the void that was now a part of her. She went missing a week ago and it’s your job to figure out what has happened to her. Do you think that your team can crack the case and bring justice to Emma and her sister, Dahlia?