Escape game The lost ones

Company: The Hour

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4.5 / 5

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4 Queen St. (4th Floor) St Catharines, Ontario ()


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Many years ago, a devastating landslide destroyed and covered a small town of Whitby. After many excavation efforts, their small school still remained to be found, leaving many devastated parents without their little ones. With time, people moved on and the tragic event was all but forgotten. Forty years later, a mining group, searching for coal, stumbled upon a small chamber underground and immediately realized what they had discovered. As they continued to explore its confines, they found that the room was full of children's toys, but no remains were ever found. Many teams have tried to uncover the mysteries of the chamber, but have been lost to its secrets. Rumour has it that once you enter the walls of the chamber, you will never be the same. Can your team uncover what has happened to the children and escape before your time runs out? Or will you face the fate of those who ventured the depths before you?