Escape game The Farm

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The Idea of spending a week on a real working farm seemed like a dream come true. Life in the big city can be so stressful and demanding,it’s going to be good to get away and get back to nature.
The first few days were great,the work was hard and we loved it, but something about this place is a little off.
Some of the people that we arrived with appear to have left the property, but we didn’t see any vehicles pick them up.
There is also a strange, weirdly modern building at the edge of the cornfields that we are not allowed to visit.
I know that my mind must be playing tricks on me, but I could swear that one of the ranch hands had large drops of blood on his boots??
Enough! I must just be fatigued from the heat and the work. This is just a normal farm in a beautiful country. Right? RIGHT????

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