Escape game Station M

Company: casa loma escape series

Average Rating:

4.3 / 5

3 reviews


1 Austin Terrace, Toronto Ontario ()

(416) 923-1171

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The war is over, the fascists in Europe have lost, and it’s time for celebration in Toronto; or so it would seem. Deep beneath the gothic exterior of Casa Loma, there lies a secret. You and your closest friends stumble upon the soon to be decommissioned Station M. Within the hidden workshop of failed projects and confidential experiments, you find one last mission. Be careful who you trust, and make sure you have an escape plan. Station M is the third game in the Casa Loma Escape Series and unfolds in the post-world war 2 era of Toronto’s History. Station M was the codename for a secret manufacturing facility that produced gadgets and covert material for the British Security Coordination. Take a trip back in time to the events and settings that are said to have inspired the James Bond series.