Escape game BUTCHER SHOP

Company: Exit Canada

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4.5 / 5

2 reviews


309 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC ()

(778) 379 4730

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It was cold. Really cold. Like freezer cold. You opened your eyes to see the mist coming from your breath. Frost was forming on the tips of your nose and fingers, and you noticed raw carcasses hanging from the hooks around you. That’s when the stench hit. The smell of decay was unbearable. You wanted to hurl, but you kept it in. The meat – if that’s even what it was – seemed slightly unnatural and different from what you’re used to, but you did not dare finish that train of thought, since you weren’t quite sure you could come to terms with the truth should you have discovered it. An ominous feeling settled in and chills ran down your body. Frantically, you began to search for an exit. You just hoped you were not too late…