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This is the first time you have ever witnessed a real life autopsy. As an undergraduate student, you have been waiting for years and the opportunity is finally here: lying down in front of you is a fresh body donated to the hospital in the name of science. The first slice by the demonstrator takes the air out of the room; everyone is enraptured. As the autopsy progresses, you eagerly jot down notes, learning everything you can… but when you finally take your eyes off the body to peek at your fellow students, you realize an eerie chill has swallowed the entire room. Everyone seems to be fixated on the shuffling coming from behind a door labeled “DO NOT ENTER” that seems to grow ever louder. There are no signs of what’s causing the noise; the only visual indication from the room seems to be a faint light that could be seen from the crack under the door.

Suddenly, a chilling scream cut through the silence. You all look to each other for answers but all you see are expressions mirroring your confusion. Finally looking back at the door, your eyes widen at the horrific sight… Is that blood coming from beneath the door?

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