Escape game Medieval

Company: EXIT Canada


10534 82 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T6E 2A4 ()


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On a hike through the woods, you are approached by a strange and mysterious hooded figure who asks if you have time to hear a tale or two. He begins by telling you the tale of the great King Arthur, a wise and powerful king whose life was spent in pursuit of the Holy Grail, and the wizard Merlin, a powerful ally to Arthur whose magic maintained the delicate balance between good and bad across the lands. Curious, you ask to hear more about Arthur and Merlin, but the figure begins to disappear into the mist. The figure leaves you with a cryptic clue: “the answers you seek lie just beyond your reach.”

EXIT Edmonton’s Medieval Version 2 gives YOU the choice to follow one of two different paths. Pillage and plunder King Arthur’s treasure to find the Holy Grail, or yield Merlin’s magic to unlock the truth behind why Camelot fell. Choose your path to glory.

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