Escape game Distress Signal

Company: Captured Escape Rooms


1684 Barrington Street, Suite 400, Halifax, Nova Scotia ()


4th floor of the St. Paul's Building

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The sun was shining and the waves were rolling. The day was so perfect you could almost hear the warm ocean breeze calling your names! Excited for adventure, you set out for a day of sailing during your dream vacation.

Without warning, the bright sky turned dark, and what were once perfect sailing conditions have turned dangerous in a matter of minutes. The storm rolling in has blown your vessel into the reef and she’s sprung a leak... a big one.

In search of help, you've spent hours of wandering the thick jungle paths until you see a clearing in the distance. You’ve found the old crash landing site of an airplane which once carried explorers searching for lost civilizations. With so much damage, there is no way this plane will fly - but it might be able to get you home another way.

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