Escape game The Elevator

Company: Captured Escape Rooms

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


1684 Barrington Street, Suite 400, Halifax, Nova Scotia ()


4th floor of the St. Paul's Building

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As an urban explorer, you're always looking for somewhere new to delve into. Your friends invite you to scout out a hotel that is scheduled for demolition within the week. Recognizing that time is running short, you take your chance to find what treasures still remain in the abandoned Hotel Haligonian.

Trekking through stormy weather, you finally make it to the old hotel. Your group enters the ruins and with a stroke of luck, the electricity in the building still functions. There must be some reason why they kept the power on… You take the elevator to the top to save some time. As the creaky construct climbs the shaft, lightning strikes the tower! The surge of power has scrambled the electronics, stopping the elevator and leaving you stuck inside.

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